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Door Hardware

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Door Knobs/Levers

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Keypads & Electrical Locks

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Door Stops & Bumpers

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Cabinet/Vanity Hardware

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Key Machines & Accessories

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Door Hardware

Hinges, Protective Plates, Strikes, Sweeps, Thresholds, etc.

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Stay safe & secure with MainTek Products

When it comes to finding the perfect hardware for your apartment building, look no further than MainTek Products. Whether you need cabinet or window hardware or something more unique and hard to find, our knowledgeable staff can help you find what you need. Plus we have local suppliers who can get you quick delivery so that any emergency repairs can be done fast! Shop with confidence at MainTek Products – we have everything you need for a successful project!

Door hardware is essential for any apartment building, and MainTek Products carries an extensive selection of products to accommodate any need. From trusted national brands, we supply a range of door knobs and handles in different styles, finishes, and materials such as brass, bronze, nickel, and more. We also carry locks in traditional or modern designs, commercial-style door products, and door hinges for repair or replacement. Everything you need to keep your building safe and secure is available at MainTek Products.


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Are there products here you would like to add to your Personalized Ordering Guide (POG). Anytime you order with us your products are saved into our system and an ordering guide for all of the products you have purchase can be generated at any time. This can save your maintenance technicians precious and expensive time by giving them a list of the products they will be working with and also ordering due to replacements and upgrades. Rather than wasting time going through websites and store aisles your products can be drop shipped directly to your doorstep so your projects can get done on time and your residents will be left satisfied.

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