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Apartment Maintenance Suppliers in MN

Our mission is to provide your business with unparalleled product and maintenance support. We do this by leveraging 60+ years of industry experience and by capitalizing on our relationships with over 50 vendors— big and small—throughout the USA

This means that not only can we give our MainTek family access to any product they need often faster than their current vendor, but we also have the expertise and motivation to find the best product across vendors. We never upsell or need to offload our inventory—our mission aligns with yours. Main. succeeds when your business does.

Here at MainTek Products, we pride ourselves in being the apartment maintenance suppliers MN relies on. We offer a plethora of services including plumbing, HVAC, lighting, and electrical. On top of that, we are also a top multi housing cabinet supplier in MN, providing high-quality cabinets and vanities throughout the area.

If you’re interested in our services, feel free to give us a call today. Our expert team members will work with you each step of the way no matter what service you need. We pride ourselves in prioritizing your satisfaction above everything else. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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We Create our Customer’s Personalized Order Guides(POG)

We get to know our customer’s needs like the back of our hand. Everyone’s Personalized Order Guide (POG) Updates and flows with your business requirements. We refine thousands of products into your essentials and recurring. Your Staff may come and go, but your POG is forever by your side.

We Never Upsell & Always Provide Honest Customer Service

We aren’t motivated by the same thing most vendors are. At every point of our busines journey, we want what’s the best for our customers. We don’t hold back stock, so we aren’t pressured into selling slow moving lines, we’re motivated to give our customers access to the best products available.

We’re Never Out of Stock Unless the World’s Out of Stock

Not holding inventory like the big retailers isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing. After decades of working in every corner of the industry, we’ve built many bridges. Knowing where, how and who to call for products allows us to guarantee our customers access to almost any product, at any time.

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