Every family-tree
has its roots.

On paper, MainTek could be mistaken for a young business. Although, The team of professionals behind the name are anything but new to the industry.

Founded by JC Velasco in 2008, MainTek has quickly taken its place as one of the Midwest’s most reliable Multi-Family Business maintenance and supply providers. With JC and son, Addam, at the helm—backed by a dedicated team of professionals with decades of combined experience, MainTek is a number one partner to Multi-Family Businesses all throughout the USA.

JC began as a maintenance supervisor for 2000 units for 5 years prior to spending over a decade, as the managing supervisor for 3000 apartment units in Minneapolis. Now, after 25 years running MainTek and operating as a consultant, it’s safe to say JC knows what it takes to run a successful Multi-Family Business.

Armed with knowledge, a dedicated team of experts, and an inner drive to succeed that many Family-run businesses exude, MainTek is committed to the financial success of every Multi-Family business it supports.

We’re the Midwest’s first choice Multi- Family supply, maintenance and operations provider—here’s why.

We’re Multi-Family Business Specialists.

MainTek was originally a Multi-Family Business. Staying true to our roots means we understand your needs and requirements. Ultimately allowing us to provide unparalleled customer service and support from a place of experience.

We Provide Free Advice & Consultation.

With over 40 years in the industry and a vetted team, we want to see your Multi-Family Business thrive, not just sell you a product. This allows us to offer you a wide range of products at competitive prices depending on the specific needs in any situation.

We Can Get Any Product, Any Time.

Not holding inventory like the big retailers is a blessing in disguise. After decades of working in every corner of the industry, we’ve built many bridges. Knowing where, how, and who to call for products allows us to guarantee our customers access to almost any product, at any time. We don’t rely on just one retailer, we work with all of them, meaning we aren’t exposed to supply shortages, stocking errors, or internal changes in a business. This gives us an endlessly deep pool of affordable, valuable, and premium products ready whenever you are. Spend less time waiting, and more time working.

We Provide Predictive Supply Support & Personalized Service.

MainTek’s predictive supply support is engineered to save you time and money. Predictive Maintenance can save thousands of dollars and man-hours, particularly on larger-end projects. Our custom support notifies you of aging parts before they fail, ensuring you navigate future obstacles with ease. When you choose MainTek you gain access to your Personalized Order Guide (POG). This in-depth customer support and customized cart creation adapts to your Multi-Family Business’s unique needs, allowing for streamlined orders and processes.

MainTek is 100% client-focused and solution-driven

In the rare occurrence, we don’t have the product you’re looking for, we won’t rest until an appropriate solution has been made. What’s more, we aren’t motivated by profit margins or selling you our stock that we need gone like other retailers. We are motivated by selling what you need and only what you need. We will never upsell and we will never advise a product purely based on price, and if we can know a more affordable and better solution to the one you’re requesting, we’ll be the first to let you know. We want to be your partners for the long haul, that’s our promise to your Multi-Family Business.

We Maintain Constant Lines of Communication.

MainTek is always reachable however you need us. We know running a Multi-Family Business is a 24/7 job. We are always open to chat onsite, via SMS, email or over the phone and give you any expert advice you may need. We hope you enjoy an open line of communication with our team!

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