Appliance Parts

Repair your Equipment

Range/Oven Parts

We can get you nearly any part you need regardless of brand name

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Laundry Equipment

Replacement controllers, motors, and other parts

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Dishwashers & Garbage Disposals

With both of these luxuries being highly valued by all residents, we can help you get the most cost-effective replacements and recommend the best options given your situation.

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We can get you most repair parts, but when a product is discontinued this become more difficult

The MainTek Difference

By working with many different suppliers in the appliance repair and replacement industry we will go above and beyond in attempting to find you the replacement parts you need. Sometimes this is out of our control, but we try our best to advise our customers the best regardless. With over 20 years of experience in the Multifamily industry, we can provide general support on these issues or guide you toward the correct resources to solve your problems. We will not simply stop getting you the supplies you need, we will continue to support and advise after the fact.

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Want to add these products to your POG?

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Are there products here you would like to add to your Personalized Ordering Guide (POG). Anytime you order with us your products are saved into our system and an ordering guide for all of the products you have purchase can be generated at any time. This can save your maintenance technicians precious and expensive time by giving them a list of the products they will be working with and also ordering due to replacements and upgrades. Rather than wasting time going through websites and store aisles your products can be drop shipped directly to your doorstep so your projects can get done on time and your residents will be left satisfied.

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