• Plumbing

    We have ALL the plumbing products you need!  For example, switching to this fill valve from Lavelle, can help prevent high water and sewer bills.  Contact us.

    Heating & HVAC

    We have ALL the HVAC equipment you need!  For example, this Tekmar boiler control can reduce your boiler gas consumption by 15%. Contact us.

    Lighting & Electrical

    We have ALL the lighting and electrical supplies you need!  For example, choose one of our many vanity light fixtures to improve your property's appeal. Contact us.

  • Janitorial

    We have ALL the janitorial supplies you need!  For example, Stainerator from Namco easily removes most carpet stains. Contact us.

    Paint & Paint Sundries

    We have ALL the paint and sundries you need!  For example, our Maintenance Pro flat latex paint from Dutch Boy, will help your freshen up your apartments for less! Contact us.

    Window Coverings

    We have ALL the window coverings you need!  For example, our vinyl mini blinds darken the room better than the competition. Contact us.

  • Hardware

    We have ALL the hardware you need!  For example, Kwikset's key control deadbolt allows you to rekey your locks and change the master key, without tools or a locksmith!  Contact us.


    We have ALL  the cabinets you need!  For example, our kitchen cabinets can help you ugrade your apartment homes at a price that you can afford. Contact us.

    Appliances & Appliance Parts

    We have ALL the appliances and parts you need!  For example, we have some of the best prices on universal drip pans for electric ranges. Contact us.