About Us

MainTek Products, Inc. is committed to the financial success of every Multi-Family business we serve!

We have ALL you need to maintain your multi-family community.  In each category we feature JUST one idea from the 20,000+ products we have in stock, ready to ship.

"MainTek Products, Inc. is Google for Multi-Family maintenance departments everywhere!" 

 R Kramer, Mpls, MN           

Our Business 

We grew up managing multi-family properties large and small.  We learned early on that multi-family communties had 'fixed incomes'.  Which meant they had to be very careful how they spent every dime.

Since maintenance was a spot where budgets can be 'busted' or  properties can decline, we created MainTek Products, Inc. to lend our expertise to Multi-Family businesses everywhere.

JC Velasco (Our founder and CEO) -  Has over 40 years of experience in the Multi-Family industry.  5 years spent as a maintenance supervisor for more than 2000 apartment units.  10 more years heading up a property management firm which managed almost 3000 apartment units for various owners and investors in the Minneapolis Metropolitan Area.  The last 25 years JC has provided quality maintenance products and expert consulting to many Multi-Family communities in the Midwest.